dulcinella's chaos
over linnen, borduurgaren en heel veel kruisjes

donderdag 26 juli 2012

Presents, promises , places to travel and the que(e)st(e)

This is another blogpost without pictures, but it will be the last. So lots of pictures are coming pretty soon:-) Internet problems will be solved totally to never come back again (I wish:-)). Anyway, tomorrow I am leaving for a holiday in Italy, driving through France. Several hotels have good internet and I hope to have time and energy to put pictures on my blog of gifts I received (thank you Noni, thank you Nia, thank you Julie!!!) and of my trip. As to the que(e)st(e)... I'll be back home middle of august so I plan on telling who the winner is around the end of august. There were three reasons for the name 'dulcinella'. One is to be found in Spain where a knight with strange enemies lived. The second is situated in belgium/france where a great artist felt also a special connection with this knight. The third reason: find the meaning of the name dulcinella. For this one I will also take into consideration the answers regarding the origin of the name/word. The first two answers have to be right, the last one is more open. I got quite a lot answers already, but the person with the best answers (preferably more than one) wins. But as promised I will draw a second winner, among those wo sent me an email. I do hope you enjoyed thinking about the answers. I enjoyed searching for clues. Wishing you all a very happy stitching! I'll be back soon. No dutch version this time:-( I'm sorry,but I am starting to fall asleep and still have to pack some things. Ook voor jullie veel borduurplezier en geniet van het mooie weer!