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donderdag 19 april 2012


linen 28 count light apricot
As I said last week, my next post would be a giveaway. I was hoping to have this week 50 followers and I already have more, so here it goes. Besides: I don't really need a reason, I love making other people happy:-).The first giveaway would only be open for followers, the second is open to everyone. Only thing I'm asking is that you leave a comment at this post and tell me which desigers or type of design you like most.  Just being curious:-) and maybe sometimes I find something in my stash I can make someone happy with....

The first person gets a piece of 28 ct linen fabric (fat quarter...) in light apricot,very soft color, and also very neutral.  The second giveaway is a piece of light moss evenweave 28 ct. I think it is a lovely color, I'm working on it myself  for the sal 'the great escape' van Abi Gurden (from the yahoo group the stitch specialists) Both pieces are approximately a fat quarter (27 x 19 inches) It is very difficult to take pictures and get the color of the fabric right, but I hope my color indication together with the picture gives an adequate impression. Names (of the winners) will be drawn by my little nieces who live next doors and who will be more then happy to do us this favor. You have to reply to this message before 30 april midnight my time zone.

evenweave 28 ct light moss green
I'm looking forward to read all these messages! By the end of the week -before I go into hermit mode (see link at the sidebar)-  an update on my stitching project will follow. Unfortunately I had little time to stitch, so I have only worked on a few of my sals.

hugs to all

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Valma zei

congrats for your 50 followers and more Ducinella :)
I'm half way... !
Of course my favourite designer is Margaret Sherry and her mice =D
Sure you know it by now
But I recently discovered through the other blogs Barbara Ana and Lizzie Kate and I really love their designs too. I haven't stitched anything from them yet !
but soon... =D
Happy stitching for your hermit weekend =D
Hug from France

Maureen zei

Hi - congrats on all your followers, it's always nice to know that people are reading your blog.

My favourite designers are HAED, mirabilia, chatelaine - i tend to like my designs big!

Jessica zei

Wow! you reached your 50 first followers very fast! Congratulations!!

I really don't have any favorite designer, but I love simply designs with sweet and brilliant colors.

Have a happy stiches : )


diamondc zei

Congratulations on your 50 follower, I was so excited whenb I reached 25 and then 50 was a real treat.
I am a follower and would love to be entered into your givaway.

Big hugs sent your way

Inés zei

Congrats on your 50 followers,
I've many favourites designers: Bonheur des dames, Tralala, UB,Acufactum, LKE, La Sylphide Toqué, Bent Creck...

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname zei

Congrats on your 50 plus followers of whom I am one!
I love Fantasy and Samplers, either together or separately.
My Top 4 designers are Nora Corbett, Joan Elliott, Teresa Wentzler and Just Nan.
The fabrics both look great, you can never have enough fabric!

Dinny Ristinia zei

Congrats on your 50+ followers!!!
That was faaaast...
I have a lot of fave designers, but I think my top 3 are Margaret Sherry, Michael Powell, and Gorjuss (Suzanne Woolcott)

Hugs from Indonesia,

Hely zei

Grats on your 50+ followers! It's always nice to get more followers so you know that someone reads the posts and you are not just talking to yourself :D I read many blogs but I'm not good at commenting. Really need to change that..

My favourite designers are Nora Corbett, Joan Elliott, Little House Needleworks, Cottage Garden Needleworks, Lizzie Kate.. just to name a few :)

mab3500 zei

Congratulations on 60 followers!
I love Joan Elliott, nearly all HAEDs and too many more.

♥ Nia zei

Congrats on your milestone! :D I'm sure that pretty soon that number will go up and up!!! :D

Please, count me in for your giveaway! :)
Sorry, I can't pick only one designer heheheh I love Margaret Sherry, all designs are adorably cute =) Also Lizzie Kate, simple designs full of color :) And I looooove Gorjuss and Nora Corbett's pixies :D

Good luck to everyone!
Hugs&Smiles to you :)

Linda zei

I am a follower of your blog and would love to be entered in your giveaway.
My favorite designer is Diane Arthurs. I would love to stitch something my Margaret Sherry.

Thanks, Linda

Jan zei

Well done on your beautiful blog. It's not a secret- I love Marjolein Bastin designs. I also love The Prairie Schooler, HAED, Blackbird designs and Carriage House Samplings. What a lovely giveway!

Carol zei

Congtratulation on 50+ followers.
I've just found the "Little House Needlworks" designs and they are my favourite at the moment. I've done several Heritage Stitchcraft Twilights and Silhouette designs.
http://www.sewinspiring.co.uk/acatalog/heritage_crafts_stitchcraft_cross_stitch_kits_sepia_silhouettes_twilights.html. I also like Lanarte designs.
Thank you for your kind congratulations on our Silver Wedding.
Carol xx