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vrijdag 1 juni 2012

New stash and another SAL

It is quite unbelievable. Someone should come and glue my hands behind my back. Reading all those blogs made me do it once again. Ok, I admit, I'm guilty. I bought new stash. The first package came in the mail this morning.

Yes, I gave in. I ordered the Pompeian Garden. I had been looking at it for over a month, and still wanted it so much. I thought I'd order the chart and then start gathering the materials, as buying it all at once would be way too expensive!

I also ordered different kind of needle packages. The platinum ones are my favorites. However, I wanted to try the smaller needles to see if they are better to stitch with. 
And I bought a lovely piece of linen, lavender, as that's one of my favorite colors.
As it's been so warm (lovely weather, too bad it didn't  last), I spent a lot of my time on my terrace. I didn't feel like working on a project  that used lots of materials. There was a lot of wind blowing around and running around to gather needlework supplies was not really something I was going to spend my spare energy on. So I decided to take another Sal that I'm doing at here.  This is what I did the past week.

stitched on 36 ct hand dyed stone linen (Nina) with needle necessities.

Other than this I only stitched a little bit here and there, so more pictures will be shown as soon as I have something to show.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Het is dus niet te geloven. Iemand zou mijn handen eens op mijn rug moeten vastbinden. Door al die blogs te lezen, heb ik het weer gedaan. Ik geef het toe. Ik ben schuldig. Ik heb nieuwe dingen gekocht.
Het eerste pak kwam vanmorgen aan. Ja, ik ben gezwicht. Ik heb Pompeian garden gekocht. Daar had ik al een maand naar liggen kijken en ik wilde het echt nog altijd even graag kopen. Dus heb ik het patroon maar besteld. Dan kan ik stilaan de materialen beginnen bestellen, want alles ineens was gewoon veel te duur.
Ik heb ook nog wat pakketjes naalden gekocht. Ik borduur liefst met platinum naalden. Ik wilde ook wel de kleinere naalden eens proberen om te zien of ik er beter mee kan borduren. And ik heb een heel mooi stuk lavendelkleurig linnen gekocht, een van mijn lievelingskleuren.

Omdat het zo warm was (schitterend weertje, jammer dat het niet is blijven duren), heb ik veel tijd doorgebracht op mijn terras. Ik had geen zin om aan iets te werken met veel verschillende materialen. Er was vaak nogal wat wind en borduurspullen achterna zitten, daar had ik ook geen energie voor over. Dus heb ik gewerkt aan een andere SAL die ik hier aan het volgen ben.

Verder zijn er hier en daar nog wel wat steekjes bijgekomen, dus meer foto's volgen als ik echt iets kan toenen.
Allemaal een schitterend weekend toegewenst.

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Carol zei

I know exactly how that happens, far too many lovely things to tempt us. Love the Lavendar linen. Look forward to seeing more of your lovely stitching. Hope you have a lovely weekend. We'll be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee, hoping it stays fine. Carol xx

mdgtjulie zei

Ah, yes, I soooooo know how that goes, Dulcinella. Grats on the lovely new stash. Love that fabby, and the one for your SAL too. They're both beautiful!

Pauline zei

Prachtige nieuwe spullen!
en je kan nu weer lekker binnen zitten voor je steekjes!

Valma zei

I can't come to glue your hand, hubby glued mine =D
Ok, how can I write will you say =D
I'm just like you !
I can't go in a craft shop now without buying something....
But your Pompeian Garden will be amazing
I love the fabric
We had lot's of wind yesterday too :(
Sun has gone somewhere else again !
Happy stitching, can't wait to see your last acquisition =D
Big hugs

Veronica zei

Stashy pics are always yummy to drool over and yours are no different ^.^ Pretty stitching too.


Sally zei

Lovely new stash. That lavender linen looks gorgeous.

Lovely start on your SAL.

Anoniem zei


You can never have too much stash!

Loveky start on your SAL, I'm curious to see it grow.
Happy weekend.

Maggi Co zei

Hello, you've written a comment in my blog Maggi Co's Village, inside my post "SAL misterioso" but you don't write your email :-)

If you want participate in it, you have to buy the chart for the SAL here:

Happy week end


Carol zei

We all suffer from the same addiction! At least we aren't alone :) Lovely new stash--especially love the lavender linen!! Enjoy your weekend with your pretty new SAL :)

Nurdan zei

New stash looks wonderful and the color of the linen is just beautiful!

Elena zei

Your stash addition looks great. Love the lavendar linen, it's my favorite color.

Happy Stitching

Yvon (jioya) zei

Dit ziet er allemaal weer heel mooi uit.
De stof ziet er prachtig uit en zoals andere ook al hebben gezegd, je kan toch nooit teveel hebben om mee bezig te zijn, we hebben alleen allemaal wat extra tijd nodig!

Ik kijk al uit naar je volgende update's

Groetjes Yvon.

♥ Nia zei

oohhh new goodies! Having this kind of things on our mail box always makes a day special ;) ehhehe
I hope you're having a great weekend my friend! :)

Stitching Noni zei

Welcome to the Stash Addicts Club!!! Love your new Chatelaine - I am so drooling over this one! Yep, I so have your problem... I love new stash :o)

Hugs xx

diamondc zei

Stash is our lifeline, my Husband once asked me why do you have so many pairs of scissors, I took his hand out to the garage and asked him why do you have four hammers you can only use one at a time, he has never said anything about stash or scissors again.
Oooh I do love him.
Stash is good.

Bea zei

Great stash! The pattern is gorgeous, as is the fabric. Enjoy it all.

Lorrie zei

Great stash additions! Can't wait to see Pompeian Garden come to life.

Gems zei

your new stash looks great, I love lavender fabric myself. think if I glue your hands - think youll have to glue mine too! Hope you had a good weekend

Gems xx

Shari zei

gorgeous new stash.....we are all guilty I am afraid!!!!!
Love the lavender fabric! So pretty.....

Anne zei

Gorgeous new stash Dulcinella!! Yay on purchasing a Chatelaine!! Can hardly wait til you start it!!

Brigitte zei

I can relate to this completely. Moastly my will power is really strong, but once of twice during the year I just have to give in and order something. If I didn't it would be useless to have a wish list, wouldn't it? Lol.

Francesca Violetta zei

I love the lavender fabric, it's my favourite colour!!
and about new SALs and new stashs, I'm guilty too!!!
have a great week